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A handpicked selection of promising European new space startups



Germany, Braunschweig

#SpaceTrafficManagemenT #SpaceSurveillance

As experts in the field of space situational awareness and space surveillance and tracking we offer software solutions to safely operate satellites and contribute to a sustainable space environment.

The company combines the best in flight dynamics, risk analysis, and artificial intelligence with data from a vast partner network, and provide a one-stop space guard system to monitor, mitigate, and prevent space environmental risks to spacecraft. ​Okapi.Orbits is at the service of all space stakeholders. satellite and ground segment operators, space agencies, national legislators.​
OKAPI.Orbits AI-powered Space Traffic Management platform delivers all relevant data and scientific processes necessary to operate and control assets in space. It fuses data science and aerospace engineering know-how to build a single source of truth and the backbone for sustainable and efficient space flight. The solution addresses the growing NewSpace market’s demands and targets a wide customer segment including satellite and sensor operators, as well as legislators, insurance companies and national space agencies.

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