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A handpicked selection of promising European new space startups

Share my Space


France, Paris

#SpaceSurveillance #SpaceDebris #SustainableDevelopment #Ground Segment

Share My Space aims at becoming a global leader in detection and tracking of resident space objects on all Earth orbits.

Using state of the art proprietary AI algorithms for automated collision predictions and maneuver recommendations Share My Space protects all operators' space assets and serves the space traffic management implementation.
The company proposes the most complete orbital object catalogue containing the trajectory of 100,000 objects larger than 5cm, more than 5 times the US Air Force database. It is the first step to a 250,000+ catalogue to reach the outstanding figure of 30% of objects larger than 1cm.
It proprietary digital tools assess the orbital situation 5 days ahead by the determination of the most critical rapprochement between space objects.

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