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A handpicked selection of promising European new space startups



France, Montpellier

#SpaceTourism #SpaceExploration #SustainableDevelopment

Zephalto takes passengers to the nearspace in a balloon with a low carbon footprint.We take passengers to the stratosphere, 25 km high, for a space observation experience.

Space demand is high. 600 individuals have already purchased a Virgin Galactic presales years before the company could offer a 10mn space experience. However, space offers are attainable with rockets only for now. These are extremely polluting, cost millions of euros, leave from the desert and their safety isn’t guaranteed.
Zephalto cruises allow passengers to contemplate safely the curvatures of the Earth in the darkness of space from an altitude of 25 km for a ten times lower price, with zero carbon footprint and from a place chosen by the customer.

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